The Transition Team is comprised of BBCAT Administrators, Teachers, Staff and representatives from the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE); the Sponsor (UCM); and the community.  The goal of the Transition Team is to smoothly transition students and the staff of BBCAT to their next school and employment opportunities, respectively.

Meet the Team

Dr. Marian Brown                                               Dana Tippin Cutler

Mr. John Cottrell                                                Charnissa Holliday-Scott

Ms. Rosemary Babalola                                   Dr. Victoria Hughes

Ms. Joyce Wallace-Peeples                            Dr. Lynne Beachner

Taylor Fields, Esq.                                             Dr. Marsha Chappelow

Dr. Tamara Burns                                              Dr. Vernon Howard

Mr. Jesse Barnes

Ms. Angel Abercrombie

Ms. Charlotte Gantt

Ms. Karla Lee

Ms.  J Njoroge

Ms. Areatta Shannon